Jesica Fowler
Bryant, Arkansas

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jaclyn's Rainbow Wedding Cake!

My cute Sister in law got married back in September!  She was such an easy going bride... like... the opposite of a bridezilla! :)  She really only had two strong requests for her big day.  

1. Rainbow roses...

2. A Rainbow cake.... yes... a rainbow cake!  So I said ok and went to work!  She wanted the outside plain and simple...

So when they cut into it....

The guests would "OOOOOOO" and "AHHHHHHH!"  This moment for me was like a kid on Christmas morning.... on crack.... or a soon to be missionary opening their mission call.  It was so fun hearing the reaction!!!

Oh and look... my cute baby enjoying some rainbow wedding cake!

 Thanks for requesting a totally out of the box wedding cake Jaclyn and for letting me make it for your special day!!!!!

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